Falls Prevention & Vestibular Rehabilitation

Hand On NJ Physical Therapy offers a unique and effective approach for fall prevention. We use a Tai Chi based rehabilitation to improve balance and decrease the risk of falling.

Our specialist will do a full balance analysis and design an individualized treatment plan to improve balance while walking or standing. Our gentle hands-on physical therapy techniques combined with the low impact exercises of tai chi will allow you to focus your attention on your bodily sensations. Under our specialist’s supervision you will perform activities you don’t feel safe doing at home until your balance is consistent, and the fear of falling is gone!

Benefits Of Our Falls Prevention & Vestibular Rehabilitation Program:

  • Be free from Vertigo, BPPV and Dizziness
  • Increase in muscle strength
  • Improve balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Sleep better
  • Be free from the fear of falling
  • Knowledge of proper exercises to maintain results
  • Learn the correct ways to prevent future injuries

How Long Before Benefits Are Realized?

With the combination of tai chi and our hands on techniques patients have felt considerable improvements in just 6-10 sessions.

Who Is This Program Best For?

This program is ideal for those who are experiencing a decrease in balance and those suffering from pain, injury or weakness in the joints, muscles or tendons.

You don’t need to live in fear of falling any longer. Our specialists can help you get back to living your everyday life, free of fear of falling!

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