Stuck At Home Hurting?

Needing Fast Relief & Getting Back On Track While In The Comfort of Your Home…

Have you been dealing with aches and pains while being stuck working from home?  Losing out on gym workouts? Losing out on the gains you have made from therapy while lockdown at home during this pandemic?  The Good News is that we are offering Telehealth Physical Therapy (PT) here at Hands On NJ!

You may ask:

  • What is Telehealth Physical Therapy?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Who is Telehealth Physical Therapy for?
  • What will my session look like?

What is Telehealth Physical Therapy?

Telehealth Physical Therapy is a great way for you to continue your treatment with us as you recover from pain or injury by using a computer, laptop, tablet  or mobile phone from the comfort of your home! Telehealth Physical Therapy allows you to continue your recovery process while protecting yourselves and your family during this uncertain time.

What are the Benefits?

Once you start therapy you will see that the pain will ease rather quickly, but it is important to understand that  the tissue, muscles, joints and nerves take time and therapy to fully heal. If therapy is stopped too early,  problems can occur and you can be at risk for a re-injury. One treatment builds upon the next of the future treatments leading to maximum improvement and progress, and by utilizing our Telehealth Physical Therapy you will not have a gap in treatment which will lead to faster results.

Who is Telehealth Physical Therapy for?

Telehealth Physical Therapy is a great fit for the majority of people. If you can click on a link we email to you, then you can handle the technological side of it. It is that simple!

As we go through the FREE Telehealth Physical Therapy Discovery session, we make sure that you really are a good candidate for physical therapy. If you do qualify to work with us, we can get you on the road to getting rid of your pain and getting back to the activities you love.

People dealing with nagging pain often feel having no energy and suffering from poor sleep at night. We can help you enjoy sleeping once again and have more energy each day.

We can help you put an end to dependency on painkillers that are no good for your health in the long run.

We can help you avoid a dangerous surgery or injection that may not be necessary to help you heal.

We can help you keep out of the doctor’s office, away from the overcrowded hospitals, or from making repeated visits to only given more pills!

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What Will My Session Look Like?

It works exactly the same as the in-person treatment that you’re used to in that:

  • Dr Chan will talk to you to find out exactly where the pain is
  • Dr Chan will tell you what is going wrong
  • Dr Chan will tell you what to stop or limit doing
  • Dr Chan will show you the exact things (movements, exercises etc..) that you should be doing
  • Dr Chan will guide you through those movements and exercises so that you can be confident that you’re doing them correctly (and not making things worse)
  • You instantly feel better having the peace of mind knowing that nothing is seriously going wrong
  • Our Client Care Coordinator, Melissa will schedule the next session for the following week and Dr Chan will re-assess, congratulate you on your progress and then progress the recovery by giving you new things to do
  • Dr Chan will send you an email summarizing your session including your diagnosis, your individualized plan and your home exercise program

First Visit Is On Us!

Want to make sure we would be a good fit first?

Want to be 100% sure we can help you first before any commitments are made?

Then the Free Telehealth Physical Therapy Discovery Visit is likely a good place to start for you. Apply below and one of our team members will be in touch to help you get scheduled

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