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Jolene’s Story
Derek's Story

The experience I had at Hands On NJ Physical Therapy definitely changed my life! I injured my left triceps while doing exercises at home. I had a sharp pain while reaching for a few days. Dr. Chan treated me with laser light and some massage and it was significantly improved right away. I’ve had 4 sessions since the initial consultation and the pain is gone. I continue to do stretching techniques Dr. Chan showed me and I’ve been able to return to kickboxing after 2 weeks and am a happy person again!

Susan Early 50's, Metuchen

Dr Chan and his staff are amazingly effective, sensitive and skilled therapists. I visited the office to find relief from almost debilitating numbness and burning in both hands that interfered with my daily work as well as sleep. This was a result of a work injury almost 40 years ago. Dr Chan put together a treatment plan of physical therapy and massage therapy that to date has reduced the discomfort by at least 80% and eliminated the problem of waking at night due to the pain. This has enabled me to postpone or perhaps avoid surgery altogether. Dr Chan and his staff are incredibly compassionate and really hear what resulted from prior therapy sessions and bring this knowledge to bear with current treatment. I would recommend this office to anyone thinking about physical therapy to heal what is causing them pain and discomfort.

Stephen Mid 60's, Highland Park

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