Cost and Insurance

At Hands On NJ Physical Therapy, we take great pride in our healing services. We provide special hands on treatments and equipment not available in most offices. Our comprehensive approach is very effective even if you had not had success with other physical therapy environments in the past.

Our rates are comparable to the high quality of services we offer and our patients can expect long-term results in fewer visits. We offer special bonus for those buying the treatment packages.

We do not participate in some of the insurance networks mainly because their reimbursement rates are unacceptably low. Agreeing to these excessively discounted rates could force us to reduce the amount and level of care you deserve. We are not willing to compromise the quality of your care and your health. Our goal is to provide you with the very best care and to empower you with long-lasting pain relief and wellness.

If we are an out-of-network provider with your insurance company, our billing team can help you get reimbursed directly from your insurance company. We will handle the reimbursement process for you at no extra charge. We know how to maximize your benefits. We can also provide you with the necessary invoice and document so you may submit to your insurance to get reimbursed. We are sensitive to your individual needs and our front office specialists are available to work with you to promptly get you the care you deserve.

If you have a cost-related question please do not hesitate to call one of our front office specialists at (732) 548-8068


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